Customers & Success stories

Goen Studiebureau

"Pythagoras is the perfect 'colleague' of GOEN Studiebureau. From survey to design of our projects (civil and road projects); Pythagoras works WITH us. Communication with team Pythagoras and the connection between survey instruments and software are certainly strong points. And last but not least Pythagoras generates very clean and readable project plans, which promotes communication with customer and contractor." - Maarten Cromphout

Geowijzer - Landmeters - Experten

"Pythagoras is the ideal software for surveyors! The program is user-friendly and boosts daily productivity. Also the support is excellent, they always come up with good solutions for our problems and questions." - Jorre Herckens


"FIGEX is active in two fields: Industrial and topographical projects. We are convinced that Pythagoras is the best software to produce nice plans and maps. Several macros allow us the be even more productive and offer a great responsiveness to our clients. The DWG compatibility lets us work easily with architects, design offices and managers of industrial projects. Bernard Huon listens to his customers and is always available to help out. Important for a sustainable and long term relation" - Paul Fally

Landmeterskantoor Van Eester

"Pythagoras is the ideal software package for our company. The extensive possibilities in terms of terrain models, point clouds, drawing capabilities... made our choice extremely easy! The Pythagoras R&D team does a great job developing a stable and easy-to-use application that fits our needs perfectly." - Ronny Van Eester


"LSG has been working with Pythagoras software since the start. The easily accessible support team and their ability to listen to customers is an absolute strength. Our wishes, as surveyors, have always been taken into account. Pythagoras thinks along with us and looks for solutions. That is why Pythagoras is our partner!" - Joost Smets


“Pythagoras is the ideal CAD software for our surveying tasks. The intuitive controls ensure a pleasant and smooth processing of our surveys, both in 2D and 3D. Also the VBA module allows us to add custom-written functionalities ourselves. These provide enormous time savings from the conversion of the raw site data, up to and including the delivery of the finished product. All this comes with good support from the motivated support department. ” - Bart Feys


"Pythagoras is for the "MEET HET" team more than only office software! Often, our surveyors use it in the field to calculate terrain models and volumes or draw profiles quickly and accurately. The designed models are then uploaded in machine control units of our clients." - Bram Van Londersele

AP University College Antwerp

"Pythagoras software is the ideal support for the Real Estate - Surveying students at AP University College Antwerp throughout their training and education. The ease of use and the wide variety of solutions for a surveyor make Pythagoras the ideal tool for efficiently converting theoretical knowledge into practical experience."

Surveying Office Opsomer

“Good CAD software is just as important for a surveyor as good surveying equipment. That is why we have been working with Pythagoras for years to process our measurements and 3D scans. Moreover, there is also an enthusiastic team behind Pythagoras that is easily accessible and is always open to questions, feedback and suggestions.” - Guillaume Opsomer

FruitSecurity Holland

"For FruitSecurity Holland BV, Pythagoras is an ideal software solution! It is a pleasure to work with Pythagoras software on a daily basis. Not only the software is of high quality. Also, the skillful Pythagoras Support team is very proactive and teaches us how to use the different functions and tools of Pythagoras. As a hail net and foil system specialist we love the possibilities Pythagoras gives us to ensure we can deliver high quality and correctly positioned fruit security systems to our customers." - Harry van Vliet

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