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Pythagoras Agriculture Solution from Pythagoras on Vimeo.


  • Use Pythagoras for better field management 

  • Bring UAV, GPS and TPS data together for maximum analyzation 

  • Create models for machine guidance 

  • Monitor crops on high resolution images

  • Avoid crop failure by better analytics 


The agriculture industry has known a huge revolution the last decade. Surveying instruments, drones, UAV’s and machine control systems have taken their place in the daily farming and crop monitoring process. 

Pythagoras Software gives users the opportunity to import and analyse data and offers easy design tools to increase revenue.
Soil analysis, crop monitoring, irrigation and growth management, damage detection and creating machine control input are some of the season-bound tasks that Pythagoras can handle. Import GPS data, images, UAV and drone data sets to create 3D models and maps to perfectly plan the work process in an all-in-one solution. 

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