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Pythagoras Surveying Solution from Pythagoras on Vimeo.


  • Combine all your data in one project 

  • Load and analyse GPS, TPS and point cloud data

  • Calculate terrain models, profiles and cross sections 

  • Analyse and vectorise point clouds 

  • Manage a complete project in one drawing 


Surveying has evolved from the classical total station job to a survey where different new instruments find their place. 

Total stations, GPS instruments, laser scanners, UAV’s and drones, lidar, mobile mapping systems and single and multi beam systems assist the surveyor to successfully finalize all projects in different industries. Pythagoras helps surveyors offer services to architects, land managers, mining, dredging and agriculture sector, construction and infrastructure companies. 

Combining all types of data in one project drawing and having easy-to- use drawing and calculation tools allows to deliver surveying clients an accurate, complete and high-quality project plan.

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